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December 2004 Meeting Report
A member of the SVHS made a visit to the Dernford Mill archaeological excavations being carried out by the Hertford based firm, Archaeological Solutions, and was kindly shown around some of the more interesting trenches by the Project Officer, Becky Renell. In one there was a somewhat enigmatic run of two gently curving narrow ditches which she thought might have formed the base of a circular animal enclosure. In another trench a much deeper ditch was uncovered but continuations of this were not seen in neighbouring ditches.Perhaps this could have been part of a defensive ditch round the settlement. There were archaeological finds in 17 out of the 94 trenches which had been cut during October, these being mainly cut animal bones, and Iron Age and Saxon pottery fragments. The star find was a beautifully worked flint knife with two very sharp blades. While probably of late Stone Age origin this was definitely not the work of a savage!
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