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The following is a list of books in the History Room available to researchers, or on limited loan with the permission of a Committee Member. 

Now out of print they are not available for sale but copies may be
taken of any section of particular interest. (compiled by B. Howe 12 Feb 2004)

There are many other documents which will be listed later.

Inventory No Ref Title Author Notes
132 LR3  Reminiscences  photocopy T F Teversham  
148 LR4  A country printing house  T F Teversham  
337 LR10  The Parish Church of St Mary  T F Teversham  
217  LR25  History, Cambridge Water Co.  N. Carver  
220  LR26  History of Sawston, Vol. I  T F Teversham  
554 LR27  History of Sawston, Vol II  T F Teversham  
42 LR30  Eastern Counties Leather, 100 yrs Bernard Davies  
261 LR32  Congregational Magazine 1893    boundcopies
269 LR34  'Educator Extraordinary' Henry Morris  Harry Ree  
298  LR35  Scrap book, 1911-21  W.J.Brand  photocopy
289 LR36  History of Sawston Pampisfd & Whittlesfd  Victoria History  
352  LR38  History of St. Mary's, 970-1800 R.Bircham    
357  LR42  Huddleston documents T F Teversham  
500  LR60  History of Sawston Hall,    booklet
605  LR62  A Street full of Sad Sacks  Abe Easey  
606  LR63  Sawston at War  A.J.Carwright  
30  LR71  Parish Records, surnames  R. Bircham  
521  LR72  'Gone for a Soldier'  D. Poulter  
551  LR76  The Clergy of Sawston  Bywaters  
681  LR95  Rags to Roms, History of Spicers Ltd.  Ian Ormes  
928  LR101  History of Congregational Church  Richard Ball  
1070  LR113  The Medicine Men A. Cartwright  
1071 LR114  Story of a village D Poulter  
1406   Whittlesford at War    
1407   Huntingdon's Charity J Patrick  
1408   Keith Falkner (biography)    
    Round the Parish Pump - Parish Council 1895-1995    
    The Medicine Men - healthcare in Sawston A.J.Cartwright  
    Sawston as Seen (edited by) Mary Dicken & Audrey Lambart  

Books currently available for sale:

'The Dufaycolor Story, or how Sawston nearly got into movies'
Price 7.50
'Sawston 150 years ago by George Challis with commentary from the 21st Century' Price 6.50
'Sawston Village College - A Short History'
Price £5.00 plus post & packing .
Please contact if you wish to buy copies.

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