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September 2007 Meeting Report


The September meeting, as usual, was the AGM which was probably why the attendance was down to about 20 members. However, it was still a productive meeting, and some useful suggestions put by members will be implemented. As there were no nominations for new committee members, the committee for the previous year was re-elected nem. con. There is a vacancy for one committee member due to a resignation so the new committee will be delighted to co-opt anybody who wishes to become a bit more involved with the Society.

Mary Dicken, the re-elected Chairman, acknowledged, with thanks, the roles played by members of the Committee, especially the Treasurer, Eric Jacobs, the secretary, Liz Dockerill, and the Archivist, Bryan Howe who is available every Monday morning at the Sawston PC office in Link Road. She also expressed the committees’s gratitude to Anita Evans for taking on the role of webmistress. She reported that the formation of the A M Challis Trust had led some members to wonder how the newly created Trust and the Society will be linked. She stressed that although four Society committee members were members of the Trust, they were and would remain two separate entities. It was conceded, however, that some care was needed to avoid conflicts of interests.

During the year the Society has been fully involved in village events and are represented on the Celebratory Events Committee, the Sawston Parish Plan and have been consulted over the proposed Parish sign and the future of the John Falkner site.

The society web site at was continuing to attract world wide inquiries, including some visitors from the US who were descended from the Huddleston family.

Amongst the suggestions for topics further meetings were the following:

  • Seasides of yesteryear
  • The town peas
  • John Falkner
  • Film archives of East Anglia
  • Anglesey Abbey
  • History of Ely Cathedral
  • Fires in and around Sawston
  • Places for possible visits included Ely and Denny Abbey

During the meeting it was agreed to have a single subscription of £5 per annum, an alternative suggestion for employed members to pay £10 being rejected. It was agreed that non members should pay £2 for each meeting.

Another suggestion from the floor to change the AGM month from September to October was agreed for consideration, but would need to be formally put to the next AGM before being adopted. A speaker in September following the August break might result in a better AGM attendance if this is held in October. Members not attending the AGM are not in a position to complain if measures or topics are accepted which they disagree with!

The next meeting will be rather a chilling talk by Peter Clarkson entitled “ My time in the Antarctic” at the Chapelfields Way Community Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th October.

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