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Diary 2016
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January 14th - The Life of Marconi

Speaker: Barry Tew

The life and inventions of Guglielmo Marconi, founder of the Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company


February 11th - Cambridge, Treasure Island in the Fens

Speaker: Nick Chrimes

His book, and with reference to Xu Zhimo and his link with Sawston


March 10th - The History of Chivers

Speaker: David Oates

The history of the famous Histon jam makers


April 14th - A Country Railway Station

Speaker: Helen Harwood

A look at Great Shelford station through the ages


May 12th - The Leper Chapel

Speaker: Philip Robson

The history and background to this small chapel in Cambridge


June 9th - The Cambridge Bonfires

Speaker: Sean Lang

A battle for order in late nineteenth century Cambridge


July 14th - My Local Families

Speaker: Martyn Northfield


No Meeting


September 8th - Annual General Meeting

Your chance to find out what's been happening behind the scenes and to suggest speakers for the next year's programme


October 13th - Children of the Raj

Speaker: Vyvywn Brendon

How living with British parents in India affected the lives and relationships of their children


November 10th - A History of Sewing Machines

Speaker: Ralph Carpenter

Ralph brought some of his collection of sewing machines for us to see


December 8th - The Best Seat in the House

Speaker: Mark Lodziak

Talk plus usual Christmas feast

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